Animal Jam ComplaintsEdit

Animal Jam Complaints

They are a rip off

Animals Edit

They just got eagles that can fly now they are gettting a new animal that is also fast.


Cheeths(pet) They just came and there is 2 days left.

They cost three diamonds Some Jammers dont have three dimonds and they are only for full members.

They come on go.


Julian2 left because Animal Jam are scammers and animal jam is a rip off and he doesnt like pay money every meabership anymore.

He comes on sometimes to see what is going on and stuff


Animal Jam are you going to only let people have full memberships play.

There are more Animal jam non-members then members because it is cheaper but Animal Jam wants you to get a membership just so you can get one thing that is for full members.

Animal JamEdit

Dont get any ideas about only letting MEMBERS only allowed to play

Animal Jam 2Edit

I would rather play animal jam 2 then animal jam

Diamond ShopEdit

Why did animal jam make a diamond shop gem are more rare then diamonds because when they first came out it is was just gems not diamonds.


Leeloo279 keeps getting hacked everytime and everything is gone and she was a member since 2011. Please add her and send her stuff for her because she would be happy if you do, and if you don't want to just aleast sent her a jam-a-gram saying something nice.


She had alot of rares but there is nothing if you have doubles can she have one she will be happy if you do plz because she got hacked last week


Is a non-member Animal Jam player she does have lots of rares and betas, but when her best friend got hacked she tried every to get her some more stuff. She did make a video about this problem on her YouTube account BronyGirl